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Originally Posted by thellier View Post
This formula would let suppose that if it have been load a color palette (so with a 8 bits precision) in a pixel then you can modify in the next pixel ONLY the 6 MSB bits for (say) the red channel: but this is not the case because it REPLACE the (say) red channel so you lose the 2 LSB bits
Nope, HAM modify only 6 MSB, 2LSB are left unchanged so if you keep 2LSB in CLUT and change it by HAM then you can create all 24 bits on screen. Side to this with clever CLUT selection this doesn't sacrifice HAM quality as CLUT content doesn't need to be only 2LSB, also CLUT banks can be switched relatively inexpensive (cycles) way on AGA.

Originally Posted by alpine9000
So unless you construct an image that perfectly matches the ham constrainsts you will never get anywhere near that maximum number of colours.
If you can create bitplane 4096x4096 then you can display all 24 bit but in real life CHIP RAM have no 24 bit size.
So all this discussion is purely academic (display HW probably can be bend in clever way to have 4096 pixels in line and for sure you may have 4096 lines but RAM will be main limitation as we have only 2MB CHIP not 24MB).

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