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I made progress, with Amiga + N/M key, i can now mount Mac drive into AmigaOS, that is great.

Also discovered that maximum image size for hardisk in Fusion gui is 999 MB. There is classic Amiga catch, that you have to change number in HDD wizard and press enter to apply value, otherwise is used standard 10 MB size value.

But as always new answers generated more questions:
1) How to discover with system / rom was image created?

2) Now i need to know how to use hqx and sit.bin a other files from internet, which i have copied into my drive, when i trying to run then in 7.5.5 or 8.1 i got some install screen, then i select target drive and after Mac freeze. Only *.bin files seems to run, so probably problem is not in data transfer process.

It might be problem with different ROM used for install and run disk image.

3) For to setup AmigaOS or Fusion Mac 8.1 to make internet working? Would be AmiTCP ok? Its networking supported?
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