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Keep in mind that you need to install the Mac OS using FUSION. Once you have done that, you CAN NOT use a different ROM unless you re-install. Likewise, you can't use a Shapeshifter or even a real Mac installation with FUSION. Just like you can't use a FUSION installed hard file or hard drive with Shapeshifter or a real Mac. The Mac OS relies on system resources that were installed, and those resources are selected based on the ROM and other hardware found "inside" of the machine. This was the most difficult tech support problem we had with EMPLANT's Mac emulation and FUSION. Yes, a shapeshifter hard file might appear to work, but it doesn't. You get things like Warcraft 2 hanging, along with other little issues. It's a mess. Install using FUSION and do NOT share that installation with shapeshifter or a real Mac - the Mac OS will try to fix itself when resources are wrong or missing.

The ICP is shown when you startup FUSION. You can mount a Mac partition once the Mac side has booted to the Mac desktop. You select the name of the partition and select mount. Once it is mounted, it appears as an AmigaDOS accessible partition and you can use DOpus or anything else to copy files to/from the Amiga/Mac. This is the fastest way to move files.

The Mac screen is an Amiga screen, so you use the normal Amiga-M/N to switch screens.
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