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i would like to test all this emulation within emulation.
where can i get all this fusion/shapeshifter/pc task/macos stuff for testing?
and is there some kind of tutorial or something like that?
i'm totally unfamiliar to macos and its emulation, never touched it.
I was green with amiga even 3 weeks ago. I cant speak about Shapeshifter but Fusion basics are quite simple:
- read this thread, i started here
- get Fusion install floppy disk, 3.2 is probably last one
- setup WinUAE CPU 68020-68060 machine with enough ram and P96 video
- i personally using WB 3.1, i dont know is Fusion is compatible with latter versions of AmigaOS
- you could check all setting from config linked above
- disable JIT, otherwise i got WinUAE boot crash
- install Fusion - its next, next - windows like, nothing fancy
- get macos install image disk image
- get roms for particular Mac which has to be emulate - Quadra 950 -is most beefy 68k afaik, but i dont know if
best for emulation
- setup emulator - simply add some P96 graphics and add disk image and add rom compatible with disk image
- i would need remove something from the list in emulator, hold SHIFT and click on it - its not too much user friendly GUI
- save config in emulator - its only time saver for nextime, because when you restarted fusion last setting are gone
- run the emulator
- install os
- use your Mac
- somehow import you data to virtual mac.. // im now stuck here, but in theory, i didnt tested it yet:
- you could use floppy to import data
- create and mount cd iso
- somehow mount mac disk drive in Dopus 4
- use think called ICP, its part of Fusion installation
- i you have working Internet in your mac, you use FTP client or other fancy stuff
-if you met problem ask here..

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