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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
The claim on that page that HAM8 only supports 262144 colours is incorrect.
Ahh, ok, thank you, any idea what the correct number would be? That was the number I remember being used by everyone back in the day.

Originally Posted by khph_re View Post
there is also sliced ham on OCS i think? as well as overscan and interlace to increase the resolution.
Yes, true. Not sure about sliced HAM, as I'll be honest and say I don't know anything about that, but yes, overscan and interlacing exist. I guess the HAM6 image could be changed to be interlaced, like the pic below.

Originally Posted by alpine9000 View Post
I tried my custom HAM6 converter on your source image. This is interlaced.

Oh wow, that's impressive, thank you!

Thank you everyone for your valued input!
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