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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
HxC can support images of originals by converting IPF files. It will save properly while the Cortex won't do that properly even to plain DOS disks. HxC can be reconfigured for PC usage, Atari etc. if you want to use it with some other platform. With HxC you can connect a small LCD which can show the name of the image.

Just a few off the top of my head and well worth the cost if you ask me.
I tried to make savegames in various games and had no problems with that. Saved just fine. Maybe it has more to do with certain USB drives not working correctly with the Cortex Gotek? I use the Kingston 8GB USB drives I got from when I ordered these Goteks.

I will only ever use them on Amiga anyway. I have little interest in connecting a LCD screen. I have printed out a list with almost 500 favourite game floppy images which I have assigned from slot 20 up to 500 +. So really easy and handy to just look at the list and select the game I want instead of going to the boot menu every time.
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