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another update: btw, in this version I noticed a bug on the gas button where it intermittently stops working and I have to press the button again to get acceleration back, I've reported this already so hopefully it gets fixed soon.


Amiga Racer Version 3.93 Update available! This update includes now a smart information system (including version checking system), so it will alert you automatically when there is a new version available! You can then directly press Space (or Firebutton) to autoupdate or press Cancel (ESC) and update later within the Game Menu Live Updater. The game will also remind you now if you are driving with the generic Collector's Edition Elite key that you should register your name for all online tournament functionality. I saw in the server logfiles that quite a lot of people driving the Online Tournament with the generic key. Once you have purchased the Collector's Edition Elite (or the Collector's Edition Online) you can easily request (for free) your personalized keyfile to join Online Highscore in the tournament.
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