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Originally Posted by Estrayk View Post
hello. Ive direct contact with Salvador Fernandez.

Ive asked some questions to him for our Spanish Youtube Amiga channel "Amigawave" and he has answered all our questions:

A lot of interesting information (In Spanish, sorry) but maybe the more relevant points are:

- Launch date: Dec.2016 / March 2017.
- Example price: Blizzard 1260 about 399-599 with new cplds.
- Youll can buy directly to phase 5 or via resellers.
There is another thing i don't understand and that is how his business model is supposed to work. As stated above it will be possible to buy the cards through one or more resellers and directly through phase 5. That doesn't make much sense to me but maybe i'm wrong. I just wonder how a reseller is supposed to sell any cards if you can buy them directly at the "producer" which i guess will be faster and maybe cheaper? I don't think any reseller would buy more than a handfull if ever cards when there is no insurance they will be bought and regarding price a reseller only would make it more expensive as they of course want to make their cut too.
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