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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Partially, but what's most relevant is the way it sounds with various types of music. My A1200 seems to produce good quality for certain types of music compared to peecees, so that's good enough for me.
Oh, I agree it sounds nice enough, but that's not what is being discussed - the discussion has focused on how many bits of resolution are being offered and the level of signal to noise inherent in Amiga audio. Both of which, I think, are not really all that likely to be better in early PC cards.

However, the thread doesn't compare how Paula sounds or even how it does compared to hardware available at the time, but compares things like SNR and resolution of Paula to current 24 bit/192KHz sound cards or even studio equipment and I don't really feel that's a fair comparisom.

Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
That's not entirely true. Paula supports several megahertz (!!!) sample rates (audio DMA doesn't, of course). Since there doesn't seem to be any software which uses this, Paulas true capabilities are unknown. Asking how this holds up to current good quality sound card DACs seems entirely reasonable, and I expect that it should do fairly well.
I'm not so sure it will, because there is more to audio quality than sample rates.

And the discussion in the thread seem to be mostly about the 'other bits' (SNR, levels of distortion, etc) - where Paula does not score too well because technology these days lets you create a cheap DAC with outputs offering (compared to 80's consumer technology) insanely good values for these things.
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