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Originally Posted by roondar View Post
Is it really that relevant wether or not an Amiga can compete with modern PC audio hardware which is 25 years newer and leans heavily on technologies which where either not available at all or not available for any reasonable cost back in 1985?
Partially, but what's most relevant is the way it sounds with various types of music. My A1200 seems to produce good quality for certain types of music compared to peecees, so that's good enough for me.

Originally Posted by roondar View Post
If we're going to compare DAC performance, it should be done fairly - compare it to other DAC's from the 1980's, available for similar prices as Paula (i.e. a few dollars max). Comparing the Amiga against high end audio stuff is hardly fair (and outright silly when doing so against stuff from 2016!) and doing so does make it seem like the goal is to make the Amiga look bad (IMHO anyway).
That's not entirely true. Paula supports several megahertz (!!!) sample rates (audio DMA doesn't, of course). Since there doesn't seem to be any software which uses this, Paulas true capabilities are unknown. Asking how this holds up to current good quality sound card DACs seems entirely reasonable, and I expect that it should do fairly well.
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