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I just remembered that I saw FruityLoops being classified as a tracker (I think it was on the MAZ Sound Tools page) which I thought was kinda odd. FL is a great program, extremely fun to use but it occured to me that it wasn't half as powerful as trackers. As the name says it's mostly loopbased - stretching drum loops etc - and it supports DXi and VSTi. But the whole point, in my opinion, with trackers is that you have lots of power to manipulate the samples; Bending, sliding, adding vibrato etc (you can even create drum rolls from just the sound of a snare drum!). The song above that I linked to, the slapping bass part couldn't have been done in FruityLoops without recording it with a real bass or exporting parts from a program such as a tracker. Or using a whole archive of samples.

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