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Yes, I'm also worried about the modplug site being awfully quiet for a long time now... I don't know, hope it's not completely dead. I like DeliPlayer but it's only a player - I'm so in love with MP Tracker I'll cry if it won't get updated! Then again, it's quite good as it is so it doesn't really NEED to be updated... yet.

I got interested in this PlayerPro, now that Akira spoke of it being such a bad program. Think I'll check it out, since I'm not entirely sure how a tracker program can be "unfaithful"; Poop interface and god knows what. Has ANYBODY here tried MP Tracker? I'd be interested in knowing what Ameega people think of it...? Is it "faithful" enough? I think so, it works and looks exactly as a tracker - but within a windows environment of course. And there are shortcut keys, help menus and stuff. Really easy to use.
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