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Originally Posted by Exit View Post
This is how i see it too...we need someone from the old phase 5 company to react on this matter..does anyone know some persons? maybe the guys from
aPEX said he got the official 'okay' in the past from [FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=2] Ralph Schmidt (old phase 5) to upload all the phase 5 drivers.. maybe he can contact him (ralph Schmidt) again and ask him too shed some light on this matter to clear some things up.

We got the ok from Ralph many, many years ago. I think our page is now over 10 years old, hopefully we will NOT run into trouble after such a long time supporting the community. Our programmer got that permission, which mean I have no direct contact.
But I know that Ralph & bplan was informed already 2 or 3 month ago.

I have no personally problem with this guy. He has just to deliver without pre-payment using well known dealers like Amigakit & Vesalia and everything will be fine. Till that, the rumors in the Amiga forums will not stop.
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