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Originally Posted by DH View Post
Well, as we already know this Salvador Fernandez Gomez is reading this forum, whether he's a member or not, he should join in and enlighten us all and answer some of the bloody questions that arise again, and again, and again.

I mean, come on, this is just getting sillier and sillier by the minute.
Yeah agreed, although it might end up in being a shit slinging match like when other people that were in these forums didn't like their stuff being criticized *name withheld* with the added "threat" of "legal" action.

Originally Posted by Exit View Post
why do you think its real?
For years hardcore Amiga following is more and more akin to a religion than anything else, Amiga zealotry is real and this kind of statement, based in absolutely no real facts but this dude's word, I would consider akin to FAITH.

When I listened to that podcast or whatever you call it, I really had a hard time understanding why these gents talking about Amiga were so invested in beliveing in this guy's word with no real facts. Statements like "this guy is a professional setting up a pro operation, unlike the Vampire team", without ANYTHING at all that hints towards this being done in a professional way, are really gob-smacking. In the end it's a true case of faith in that this dude will come through with the goods and they will be able to buy these much sough-after items for their computers they so passionately adore.

What we really need at this point is objective facts and we're getting none. Some detective work has been in place in this thread and well done, but there's so much we can do with a web browser and google, the rest is speculation, and if this character hates speculation so much, it'd be better to take the necessary steps to prevent speculation by providing facts or just shutting everyone up with actions. How many times do you have to announce you'll make a press release? A press release is an announcement, this is like the pre-sequel of the pre-sequel of the pre-sequel of...

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Sure this is a topic. I never worked for Phase 5, so I can't possibly know what it takes to make Amiga accelerators in 2016. Isn't that obvious?
I meant, I was never aware of such discussion, if it actually ever existed (people on the podcast make it seem like it is or was a point of discussion at some point) and I really don't care, but I thought it was weird that it was brought up and your message, which I am taking as ironic, doesn't really clarify that point for me, but that's off topic. Let's keep the drama at bay and talk more about real facts.
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