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Originally Posted by Akira View Post

The only way to vouch for this person's past is if people involved in the original phase5 come up and speak about this dude to vouch for him. And even if this person had no past and is doing now out of Amiga passion or whatever, that is fine, but stop the misinformation and the empty threats, all people want to see is a real product. Nobody cares if you were the coffee boy at phase5 if you actually come through with the goods. But none of this helps to your credibility.
This is how i see it too...we need someone from the old phase 5 company to react on this matter..does anyone know some persons? maybe the guys from
aPEX said he got the official 'okay' in the past from Ralph Schmidt (old phase 5) to upload all the phase 5 drivers.. maybe he can contact him (ralph Schmidt) again and ask him too shed some light on this matter to clear some things up.

thnx Akira for your translation and point of view

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