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Originally Posted by Exit View Post
Can one of the spanish speaking persons translate this (subtitles) and put it on youtube?
It would be really complicated, bunch of people talking for a long time. But I'll try to transcribe what I can. Estrayk has already given the "highlights" of what he has spoken with him. I'll fill in some gaps.

Disclaimer: I would take with a very large pinch of salt what is spoken there. The channels's view is obviously tinted by Amiga fanboyism (I mean, of course, this is an Amiga fan channel!). I don't mean to question what they have done as it is a fan channel and not objective press, but I would really, really not take for granted anything said within as all statements lack real confirmation and use the word of this dude Fernandez Gomez as absolute truth, which I think is a failed approach to gather facts. So with that in mind, I'll write what I heard with sometimes my views in parenthesis.

The first words say that this guy is "very professional", the phake5 guy himself, Salvador Fernandez Gomez, does not speak, dude refused to give an interview saying he is super busy (yet he found time to watch the video and correct the interviewer in real time after he had spoken about their conversation ).

So first he talks abut how he was an "important" person in phase5 (would prefer the account on that from anyone else working at phase5, given that he was in his early 20s back then and makes this sound very improbable)

Next question was about why this was all never heard about and why such a sudden announcement, dude says he always had this in mind, in a "´f i was running phase5 i would do things differently" way and last year he decided to do it because he had the money, contacts and the information he needed to do it (?). So he created a Facebook page (?) and got frustrated that nobody believed in it (like if a Facebook page was the utmost definition of promise to release a product ).

Then there's a lot (too much) talk about how he feels butt hurt about forum comments, saying a lot of comments are personal, and the interviewer himself says he doesn't understand where this comes from because he had not seen such comments. He says that he wasn't just a "random" employee but "important" (yet in the whole talk it is failed to explain EXACTLY what position he USED to be in the company. So he answered nothing).

Most of the video just talks about the drama. Fernandez Gomez sent a photo of an "access card" "which the dude himself says "is only for those very important" (but who backs that comment up? In any company that has electronic locks, any random person that needs access to the building has one, yes, even janitors, despite what this guy says. Again, this looks like a ridiculous, unsupported claim that doesn't add anything to the real talk which is about accelerators). The scan of the card is shown but it doens't say much, it's a card with a logo and a paper stamp on top with his name wrongly spelled (?).

Then there is talk about why this has been done (and then a lot of fanboy talk about the Amiga being the most prominent product of all the retro computers, which is unfounded, but that's just fan talk so is best disregarded). Interviewer says that this dude saw a HUGE market (REALLY?) hungry for products and decided to do this. Interviewer seemed to agree (REALLY? Define huge)

Next Q is about drama AGAIN, why he is angry about forums and shit (so yeah this question is irrelevant, sounds like high school drama). He again says that he will legally follow through with people that talk shit about this thing (honestly, someone who has not released anything yet is already full on hating the community, tsk tsk, not really a trustworthy attitude. And bring on the lawyers, looking forward to you wasting your money on trying to censor people, seems like you have learned this kind of attitude from Franco).

Following, Fernandez says phase 5 was two companies, one dedicated to be the front and public face of phase5 and one that was in charge of actually building the things, the electronics part.

Some more blabber about who was working there and not, among which this dude said Jens Sch÷nfeld never worked at phase5 (was that ever a topic?).

Then it was asked how he got the schematics, since they were thought lost. He said DCE did lose all schematics but there were other copies.
Fernandez now explains that he was one day at "his desk"(?) and Cardan approached him and told him there was a a container full of prototype cards and stuff they wanted to destroy and since he was such an Amiga fan (????????) they would give it to him for free. Okay. .
This did not include the schematics, was later clarified, and the origin of the schematics was NOT disclosed and dude said he will "say it later" (thus not clarifying anything at all, we still don't know how the schematics were acquired and his right to reproduce and sell them nowadays is unclear).

Another question was about the 1200 CPU connectors. Says some foreign company will be making them for him. At this point the interviewer says that it was implied that he had talked with Jens about this but Fernandez clarified real time that he had not talked with Jens, he had only seen what Jens had written here at EAB at some thread about the connectors (possibly a Vampire related one. Also confirming he is reading this thread and probably a lot of his frustration regarding public opinion comes from it).

Next question is about 060s, he said he has a lot and is always looking for more, that there are more and then there's some talk about some Freescale 060@133Mhz. Anyway he said he can't say more but says there are many places to find them at (going against the statements by other people in the scene with a lot more credibility than him. ).

All the other info was posted by Estrayk already and I don't have much more else to translate as they enter a little Q&A among the cast and speculate at things Amiga as any fans would do (and there's some talk about Vampire in light of this "announcement" but as I said this is all personal opinion of the show's hosts so not "facts" to be discussed).

I'm still not buying any of it. It is thoroughly ignored that there's no way a dude this young was in any way a high-up person of interest in phase5 back in the day. And taking HIS word as truth will not lead us to any facts. Interviewer says this guy has 25 years of experience as a professional in the field and knows what he is doing, but he has nothing to back up that claim but this person's own account of the story. In the end this little "interview" doesn't really clarify anything and it all sounds like more misinformation from the source.
From the way FErnandez Gomez has reacted to people talking about this it is evident he isn't a "professional businessman with 25 years of experience", threatening with legal action after reading criticism of any kind is not how companies deal with public opinion. Please provide precedent as to any case in which a company has sued someone from commenting on a public forum about upcoming products, not even if they won, but precedent that they went ahead and did that. Saying tehse things shows a real lack of knowledge in legal matters which I'd think a professional with so much experience would really know.

The only way to vouch for this person's past is if people involved in the original phase5 come up and speak about this dude to vouch for him. And even if this person had no past and is doing now out of Amiga passion or whatever, that is fine, but stop the misinformation and the empty threats, all people want to see is a real product. Nobody cares if you were the coffee boy at phase5 if you actually come through with the goods. But none of this helps to your credibility.
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