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Originally Posted by fgh View Post
Look again. 3rd edition, 171mb, downloaded it myself today.
Doesn't show up on mobile version though, so select 'full website' at the bottom if you're on a mobile device.
Ok. Thanx. I'll look again. I used to own the original (also libraries & devices), but i got kicked out from my flat due to a somewhat big police raid (swat and bomb squad included). Theh guy i rented it from kept all my stuff (PC, A1200, A4000 to name some) in the basement and said that i had 1 week to get a new flat Before he throwed my stuff to the dump. One week and one day later io came for mu stuff, and all was gone. Sad but true. I spent sometime behind bars for threating him, shooting at his house to mention some charges.

If i could afford to buy the original at amazon, i would do it, but over 2000 SEK is way over my budget.
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