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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Well, it appears we have some folks here who talk about schematics, voltage, noise, audio theories, etc, and try to explain why our miggy's sound is so damn piss poor (in their opinion), while not having actually listened to the real result.
Why you constantly misleading everything?
Honestly - I don't trust your ears and i have limited trust to mine. Why not using something not so subjective?
And as i can't listen your Amiga (used by you as reference to justify your claim) then perhaps you can record sound from your Amiga (for example using samples provided in this topic) for example on PC with Line In input?
Will be nice if you can place those samples in uncompressed or compressed losslessly (FLAC?) somewhere where i can download them and i can hear your Amiga same as you (then i will be able to hear same signal as you with proper Amiga and proper software).
For today as i can't hear your Amiga I can tell only one thing 68 or 72dB is not 14 bit as electric current is not simple arithmetic in 68k registers and assumption that you feeding 16 or 14 bit to two 8 bit DAC's where one of them has introduced -36dB doesn't mean that they behave like 14 or 16 bit DAC and all this without even involving other problems related to audio circuits design.
If you reject this opportunity to answer questions then i have proposal to stop talking what you or i can hear (or not) until i will be able to measure in objective way Amiga audio output (of course after all you can be a real audiophile and reject scientific approach claiming that theory is meaningless).
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