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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Well, it appears we have some folks here who talk about schematics, voltage, noise, audio theories, etc, and try to explain why our miggy's sound is so damn piss poor (in their opinion), while not having actually listened to the real result.
What makes you think that myself and pandy71 haven't listened to it? I certainly have and it's OK-ish for reproducing 8-bit audio, and nowhere near good enough for reproducing 14-bit audio. It's very obvious to an experienced electronics design engineer why this is the case when examining the schematics and PCB layout. As is nearly always the case, there is a direct correlation between cause and effect.

It makes perfect sense to listen first (as your ears tell you everything you need to know about what you actually hear) then investigate after if you feel the need, so that's precisely what I've done. It's exactly what I'd expect based on my own independent listening tests and backed up by 35 years knowledge and experience of digital and analogue electronic circuit design.

Sounding good to certain individuals doesn't negate the fact that it's actually very poor in terms of circuit design and implementation, hence the fact that it does sound fairly awful to certain others with good enough equipment and ears to notice. Another contemporary example is MP3 where a high quality encoding may sound identical compared to the source to one person, yet very different to another. There is no 'black and white' when it comes to what different people can hear and find audibly acceptable.

Please show me where I said that the Amiga's sound is "so damn piss poor", or is that in reference to someone else's reply that I've missed?

I have no problem with others being perfectly happy with it, so why do you have a problem with others who aren't so impressed? Chill.

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