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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I don't think I want to optimize this any more. I don't want to make directsound sound requirements totally different in core emulation, it is already getting a bit too messy (and unfortunately directsound has to stay for XP compatibility reasons)
While reading this some questions came up...
Note that these questions may come across as somewhat opiniated, but for the better part they are more an open interest on the future development path.

If you would do further optimizations on Wasapi, for a moment separating this from your other comment about maintaining XP compatibility, would that potentially make significant steps ahead in stability and or latency?

And a second more philosophical question: would your enjoyment of developing WinUAE not increase when you would not be held back anymore by maintaining this legacy XP compatibility?

The main reason for asking this, is that I have a feeling it would be a missed opportunity for the larger part of the userbase (including myself) if you're potentially withholding future improvements, because of this "legacy" compatibility with XP. Which (again IMO) is an "outdated, unsecure OS, buried officially in 2014, with a small userbase, which will get smaller by the month".

If in any way your heart would rather develop unrestrained for WinUAE (no, i'm not trying to influence you ), maybe it could be considered, just like with driver support for old graphics cards, to make a certain version (3.4.0?) the last version that has XP support.

Or, an inbetween road could be keeping XP compatibility, but losing the DSOUND stuff from a certain version onwards, and directing these XP users to that last version. Or if they are inclined to still use a newer version, direct them to ASIO4ALL (which supports Win 98SE/ME/2k/XP and up), and using WinUAE's Portaudio:ASIO mode with ASIO4ALL.

For me these options sound like they could offer an acceptable gradual path to letting go of the legacy XP compatibility, such that future improvements for the larger part of the userbase may be developed unrestrained.
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