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Originally Posted by vulture View Post

They're active studio monitors, as I said, dead silent, volume at max. Transcend CF 32gb internal, 1gb sandisk on pcmcia, simple chinese cf2ide adapter. Motherboard rev is 2b with the usual capacitor fix for compatibility, but no recapping or anything else. PSU is from an A500, rca cables are of the simplest/cheapest type.
Once again FDD/HDD not CF where current consumption at worst case is approximately 10 times lower than on best case scenario for FDD/HDD .
As Meynaf pointed earlier - FDD/HDD are mechanical and they use significantly more power than SSD/CF/SD etc - as such current ripple is way higher and this current ripple will propagate also to Paula and as final effect to audio output.
Hope you see difference between 100mA and 1.0A - formally such thing is called PSRR - in Amiga voltage reference for DAC is taken directly from power lines trough very minimalistic low pass filter - in decent audio equipment you have at least dedicated low noise voltage regulator (as people complain for noisy voltage regulators such as LM317) to improve PSRR.

Somehow you trying to convince me that noisy power supply with low quality power distribution, with variable load between 25 and 30% (in peaks) of maximum power supply capabilities and very simplistic circuit used to feed voltage reference source have no impact on audio quality.
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