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Fantastic, you are a real asset to the Amiga community @Zetr0, and thank you also to @idrougge and @ajk thank you so very much. I'll go and find what monitors may be suitable and if they're available here, but it does appear that the Indivision ECS would be a valuable addition to my A600. I think I'll do what I've seen others do and remove the RF modulator in order to use the space it currently occupies at the back for the VGA connector.

So now I have a shopping list:
  • Furia 020
  • Indivision ECS
  • A600 case screws
  • PCMCIA CF adapter and appropriate CF card
Seems to me I'd have a pretty nice little compact A600 then, and after all that I'll get in line for a Vampire II... I may also contemplate a replacement for the floppy drive, but once I have a better processor and some fast ram it won't be as necessary as I'll be able to use the WHDload games that don't work on my setup at the moment.
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