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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post

ETA Prime tested WinUAE and many other things on Latte Panda, since maker has sent him a board for review.

You can ask him to to test anything, he will make video out of it.

For Latte Panda just make sure it has good cooling, otherwise you will have performance issues.
Aye, uses the same SoC as my Linx Vision. Everything runs great on it. Ofcourse I have tweaked the hell out of mine. It annoyed me that they set the GFX mem to 32MB, then windows would bump it up to 128MB. So I forced windows to bump it up to 512MB. WinUAE and Mass Effect on the go, cant go wrong, .

Have to be fair, the only filter I use is the scanline sliders to make it more authentic, .
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