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Only reinitialise display when needed

A small enhancement request...

With emulation running, open display settings and change the mode used (windowed/full-window/full-screen) for whichever is not the active display. WinUAE seems to reinitialise the display even though it doesn't need to, since the setting for the currently-shown image (native or RTG) didn't change.

E.g. when showing a native mode in full-screen, press F12 and change the RTG setting to something else. See the desktop flash briefly as the display is reinitialised.

Or when showing a native mode in a window, change the RTG setting and click OK to continue emulation. The display is reinitialised so the emulation window closes and reopens. (And emulation pauses when the window reopens if you use the pause-when-mouse-uncaptured option.)
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