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I was actually agreeing with you. The entire audio circuitry is incredibly poorly implemented. It would be hard to have made it any worse on purpose let alone by accident. It seems to be a classic example of what happens when you trust digital design engineers to design analogue signal stages.

Preferring the sound of one opamp over another doesn't mean that it's better. The same applies with power amplifiers where many audiophiles prefer the sound of some ancient designs with clearly audible distortion over modern designs where distortion can be orders of magnitude too low to be audible.

I was talking about actually being better rather than just giving a warm fuzzy feeling of "I've changed it and it sounds different so it must be better". There's so much crap floating around on the voltage rails, reference rail and in the signal itself that the minor noise and distortion introduced by even a cheap opamp is going to be irrelevant by comparison.
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