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Originally Posted by Stratosplat View Post
Yes. The worst thing about the audio output stages on an Amiga is everything else apart from the chosen opamp.
Well TL074 is not so bad in terms of audio quality and as overall it could be worse...

But once again - yes, even if you trying to be sarcastic there are bigger issues in Amiga than OPAMP - replacing them by four high end modern ultra fancy marketing hypes OPAMP's will not brings Valhalla to your ears...

btw some of people like old uA739 sound...

Promised test files for Amiga - generated by AP tool (APx Waveform Generator Utility v4.2) as 32kHz, 16 bit, 2 channel, later converted by SoX (re-sampling to 28604, 8 bit, 16 bit and 14 bit, no dither applied, 8 bit version use native Amiga 8svx format).!KokppftoNZdU/8364-test-7z
archive 15.6MB large, after unpacking it should be around 154.6MB.
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