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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
I remember reading something about an old Sun box being used for cross compile of the 3.1 sources by Commodore back in the day, and it will not compile entirely on a classic Amiga, but perhaps that's easily fixed.
The Amiga operating system, 1985 onward, appears to have been built using a specific set of compilers (one for the BCPL language in which parts of dos.library and the shell commands are written, one for everything written in 'C'), on Sun workstations.

I keep wondering which setup was used before that, after having read that the early work on the Amiga hardware and the operating system was using SAGE computers, but I digress.

Up until Kickstart/Workbench 1.3 the cross-compilers were still being used, and development work only moved slowly to "native development" with Lattice 'C' 4, SAS/C 5 and 6, Manx Aztec 'C' 3.6, etc.

Some components were rewritten so that native compilation could be used, but some were never adapted, e.g. audio.device, intuition.library, printer.device and most of the printer drivers were still being built using the cross compiler at the time when Commodore shut down in 1994.

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