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I'm using it on my elderly rig, and it runs quite nicely on this, I know it would run even better on better hardware, but I suspect the law of diminishing returns would rear it's head, as it's still able to be thousands of times the speed of my real A600, so plenty fast enough for me.

Windows 10 64-bit
AMD Phenom II x4 955 @ 3.2GHz
8 Gb DDR3
1279MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570
2794GB Western Digital WDC WD30EZRX-00D8PB0 (SATA)

I could install it on my 2015 Intel Compute Stick (Intel® Atom™ Z3735F, 2Gb RAM, Intel® HD Graphics), and I suspect it would still work acceptably on that, and have no trouble emulating at least an A1200 with 4Mb fast RAM.
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