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Getting Onboard

- RTG buffers - i have here triple buffering, but i have 1GB dedicated graphics ram. but i would guess "double buffering" is enough anyway.

You mean "but i have 1GB dedicated graphics ram on your quad pc?"


You mean "but i have 1GB dedicated graphics ram in WinUAE?"


Sounds like the former. (if not, how does WinUAE see 1 gb of video ram? Zorro config with a bunch of expansions?)

Yes, I'm in concordance with the above too. (Except where did you find vsync in WinUAE? "- never ever touched those vram/vsync...") Although, truth be told, aren't we a little beyond quickstart at this point? LOL

Well, I've got some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first, I can't seem to find Boing Bags 1 and 2 for WB3.5. Sorry.

Good news, I tried my existing Boing Bags 1 and 2 on 3.9! and got an increase in mhz!

Click image for larger version

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I think those power adjustments in AMDVisionEngineControlCenter probably made an impact. I hadn't run two separate tests to see. I just used this new recommended tweak on the config and had already de set the AMDVisionEngineControlCenter adjust. (Could've run more tests with and without AMDVisionEngineControlCenter, but I was a little pressed for time.)

Here is the new config..

A4000 WB3.9bb.uae

So, 3.9 is the new king of the block with increased mhz, official BoingBags 1 and 2, and seems to be the pinnacle of Amiga technology for this setup. (at least on this HP2000 machine)

Thank you, thank you for the great suggestions. I still am following up on stuff from this post.

A major thank you to mark_k for looking over my config. It really perked things up. I make special egg (if you can decode)..


As far as upgrading to Win8.1 and receiving updates, I'm not sure what's being updated as (I thought) they were all updating to 10. (I guess I could start seeing about cleaning up a 10 setup. Sounds like a gigantic task) And yes, but it doesn't end with AutoRuns, I use about 14 other programs in combination to, for securitorizing and trimming down to bare essentials.

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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