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hello. I´ve direct contact with Salvador Fernandez.

I´ve asked some questions to him for our Spanish Youtube Amiga channel "Amigawave" and he has answered all our questions:

[ Show youtube player ]
from 2:15:25 until 3:26:00

A lot of interesting information (In Spanish, sorry) but maybe the more relevant points are:

- Prototype PCB's were given from Wolf Dietrich & Gerald Carda to him for free.
- Li Zhang, Christian Keller and Gerald Carda were the main programmers for all PCB's and Logic Units. Nobody more.
- He had found a solution for the weird 150pins A1200 connector.
- He are in contact with several suppliers for MC68060 and there´re no problem.
- Launch date: Dec.2016 / March 2017.
- Example price: Blizzard 1260 about 399€-599€ with new cplds.
- You´ll can buy directly to phase 5 or via resellers.

If anyone know spanish and want enumerate more interesting points, go on!

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