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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Vsync: Neither in AMDVisionEngineControlCenter nor stock Win8 advanced settings. (Remember the KitchenSync?)
Sound: Got it. (Another config for games)
Yes, render time. Good looking. Will report back on that probably on a future post.
I was in hope for some more boost, by those energy-settings of windows and amd config.

those setting you get from Quickstart menu - choosing the model of your choise - are good enough for a start.
even while i technicaly dont understand the impact of most settings:
- full collision you need only for some games. workbench stuff doesnt need this.
- disable "cycle exact full"
- "advanced Chipset" i never touched, allways on "combatible settings"
- RTG buffers - i have here triple buffering, but i have 1GB dedicated graphics ram. but i would guess "double buffering" is enough anyway.
- never ever touched those vram/vsync/blackerthanblack settings, default settings just working here for me.

win8: if you already have win8, you should update to 8.1, makes not much difference, but win8.1 will get updates, while 8 will not.
and yep, getting rid of all the autorun crap is really nasty. :/
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