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Wow! BoingBag 1 and 2 are Official!

Good looking, I had Windows settings on high performance (on lock down already), didn't realize all the while AMDVisionEngineControlCenter was engaging Vari-Bright and best for battery power consumption. In fact, the AMDVisionEngineControlCenter runs nearly the full gamut of settings, but no unforce vsync.

CPU & FPU: I did not know that. Should have. Forgot, was there once.
JIT: Does all that extra cache actually take up more time? (I guess it would, just thinking if everything is max'd all the way out, kind of thing) Will test both ways..
Chipset Blitter: 101 stuff, looked right over it. Thank you.
Collision Level: Yes, If I choose to go into games again, it would be another config. Good looking. Will Aladdin 4D or my Deluxe Paints not look for this?
Z3FastRAM: Got it. I would ask, when do these things come into play, but I can seek this later.
Z2FastRAM: Got it. Ditto. (note to self, research 32-bit Chip and if Chip ((8mb)) could ever have increased)
Expansions: Good news. Thanx. (Just found out online that roms were also games) (That whole era was more inclusive. My friends had the KoalaPad.)
RTG: Triple Buffering. (Thought I did that) How about Vram? Will complex anim's want to see it set to 512 mb?
BlackerThanBlack: Did not know that. (I was thinking alpha channel and stuff)
Display Triple Buffering: Oh, OK. Yes, I set it here because I'm trying to recreate all original specs for ntsc and the power/display setup. (Trying to emulate same output as seen through a composite video out to a tube TV.)
Vsync: Neither in AMDVisionEngineControlCenter nor stock Win8 advanced settings. (Remember the KitchenSync?)
Sound: Got it. (Another config for games)
Yes, render time. Good looking. Will report back on that probably on a future post.

Thank you very much! OK. Going back in. Standby.. .. ..
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