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Amiga Team!

Wow! Good looking out.

Thank you. Thank you.

Here is the config I chose for all versions..

A4000 WB3.1.uae

A4000 WB3.5.uae

A4000 WB3.9.uae

(I think they are all the same..)

Here is the technical specs on my cpu..

Click image for larger version

Name:	CpuZ CpuID.png
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Judging from this pc (HP2000/Win8.0), I'm not sure if there is any acceleration available. I think ReadyBoost got taken out from Win7 to Win8, I can set priority (I think) possibly move WinUAE up the list (never tried), and I think I have some RAM modification apps. I left them out on this latest clean Win8 install as the things I was reading online seemed to suggest it's already optimized. (Aladdin 4D wants real memory. ((Not virtual)) It said) Not sure, maybe the pagefile size I'm using is a stock Win8 amount. (Haven't gone there either on latest install)

Was the A4000T(ower) ever emulated? I think, if I'm not mistaken, it would require it's special own individualized rom. (Ya'll don't have to answer that) It's kind of a premature question as I haven't looked at the differences with A4K and A4KT's.

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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