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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
And IMHO those OPAMP hype is a bit exaggerated - if you need HQ design then you need to go for discrete and higher voltage...
Totally unnecessary and unlikely to outperform a high quality opamp even when running on low voltage supply rails without vast complexity and expense.

Not sure what to expect - THD+N between 60 and 70dB maybe better...
On that basis, upgrading the opamp is probably a complete waste of time as the distortion and noise it creates is most likely already at least an order of magnitude below what's present in the input signal.

What many don't seem to understand is that it's also important to ensure that an opamp's surrounding component values suit it unless it's clearly specced as a higher quality direct drop-in replacement for the original.

Not selecting a suitable opamp or not making the appropriate component value changes if necessary can often make matters far worse than just leaving it alone, although placebo effect will frequently tell someone otherwise.

Designing opamp circuits properly is a science, not a crapshoot.

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