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Q: "Will the Vampire 500 V2 revive the Atari ST scene?"

In the long run, with the exception of a "buzz word" a piece of hardware cannot single handedly "revive" a platform. It requires software developers to take advantage of the new hardware for the masses.

The effect of the VampireV2 on the A600 is nothing short of game-changing for sure, however the A600 is not a "sole" platform since its essentially an SMD based A500+ with IDE.

The Atari ST, does enjoy a range of upgrades including 030 / 060 based processors so I don't see it (The Vampire2) changing much for the "scene" if you will - to do that you need to get developers / coders of the platform on-board.

To do that you need incentives and a static ISA for programmers - interestingly incentives can be seen and shared (i.e. V2 Hardware etc) and the Apollo 0'80 is slowly become mature enough to have a static ISA - which is sorely needed... well that and an FPU

... but all good things come to those whom wait and it would be nice to see this project cross-over to other 68k moto implementations like Mac's - MegaDrive's... Atari Jaguar's.... and now I am just randomly mentioning systems with a 68k in.....
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