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Video Display Options for 2016


When it comes to video display, unless you are very lucky, I am a firm believer in that you get what you pay for.

While most "newish" display panels in Europe have RGB Component SCART that will de-interlace an interlaced picture, the same cannot be said for most non-European territories.

If the shipping wasn't going to kill the deal I would humbly suggest getting a European TV/Display Pannel (something in the 32" range ) - However cost in shipping will kill that idea.

Lets look at the Options _______________________________________

$43.00 XRGB to HDMI (Including an RGB Cable)
These are quite new on the market and because of this not a known quantity as such. Now this little monster claims to accept RGB / SVideo and Composite input and output HDMI - I am looking at getting one of these soon for testing - so going by the write up it should be good.

Pro(s) / Con(s)
  • There are a lot of these devices that ONLY accept Composite (CBVS) via the SCART and not component RGB - so ensure you get the right one. The rest is to be discovered


$45.00 - GBS8220 Component RGB to VGA
The GBS8220 originally designed for Video Arcade boards to use the more common VGA CRT based display panels - its about $25 + $10 for a 5V 2Amp Power source and you will need a component RGB Cable about another $10 (say about $45 all in) and this will give you a decent VGA screen output (with de-interlacing) at 1280x1024.

  • Multiple Inputs such as Component YUV and TTL RGB (Spectrum 128 / BBC / Amstrad)
  • Provides a cheap way to connect to VGA equipped monitors
  • Provides de-interlacing (flicker fixing) on screen modes such as 640x512
  • VGA Pass-Through
  • Cheapest off the shelf solution
  • There's many versions, not all are that good and have artifacts on the screen, especially when using interlaced modes.
  • Earlier versions (< Revision 4) colours look very washed out on LCD panels.
  • Best performance seen on VGA equipped CRT / Plasma display panels.


$94.00 Indivision ECS - VGA
This provides not only de-interlacing (Flicker Fixing) but also more screen modes including a pseudo RTG mode that enables 256 colours (on a stock ECS A600). it also has a new "super" mode that alows for yet more electrickey shenanigans. All in all, next to the ACA620 this is the best product Individual Computers have ever released (IMHO)

  • 8-bit, 15 bit, 16 bit chunky pixel modes (15 bit & 16 bits are converted) to 12 bits
  • Resolution from 320x200 to 1024x768
  • Video memory can be directly described by DMA chipset (up to 7.15 MB/s)
  • All OCS/ECS screenmodes displayed and scan-converted, output is always over 60Hz and flicker-free
  • Fallback to legacy flickerfixer-type 49.9Hz modes at the user's choice
  • Optional scanline emulation for retro-feeling
  • Re-configurable / re-flashable design, new screenmodes can be added with a software upgrade

  • Getting the VGA out of the case can be a struggle - especially if you don't want to modify the case or the motherboard
  • Some earlier LCD monitors seem to struggle with the one I have


Okay, that should give you a brief overview of the cheapest options available this is by no means an inclusive list nor does it really touch on the more expensive options of video connectivity.

While I have had use of the Indivision ECS (my friend Bas has it at the moment) I have decided to have a punt and ordered that MiniXRGB to HDMI unit - with a bit of luck I plan to do another Hack@Home article and have some fun with it. Also, another Indivision ECS is quite a nice thought too.

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