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Added more games:

Tom And The Ghost.hdf
Tom Landry Strategy Football Deluxe.hdf
Tom Landry Strategy Football.hdf
Tommy Gun.hdf
Tony & Friends In Kelloggs Land (De).hdf
Toobin (v1.2) (1219).hdf
Toobin (v1.2).hdf
Top Banana.hdf
Top Cat.hdf
Top Gear 2 (v1.0).hdf
Top Gear 2 (v1.2) (AGA).hdf
Top Gear 2 (v1.2) (CD32).hdf
Top Secret.hdf
Tornado (v1.1) (AGA).hdf
Tornado (v1.1) (ECS).hdf
Tornado Ground Attack.hdf
Total Carnage (AGA).hdf
Total Eclipse.hdf
Total Football.hdf
Total Recall (v1.1) (Files) (1770).hdf
Total Recall (v1.1) (Image) (1769).hdf
Tournament Golf.hdf
Tower Of Babel.hdf
Tower Of Souls (AGA).hdf
Tower Toppler.hdf
Town With No Name (CDTV).hdf
Toyota Celica GT Rally.hdf
Toyottes (v1.1a) (Image).hdf
Toyottes (v1.1a) F(iles).hdf
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