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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Binary compatible doesn't mean you can't do things different. Only the programming interface needs to be the same.
Generally yes but if trying to mimic original behavior is quite important to understand some design aspects.
This is not only functionality.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
By replay freq i meant sample rate, what else would that be ?
Aren't you calling sample rate what should be called bit rate ?
And it was my understanding - nope - bitrate or bandwidth is number of bits required to transport some information.

Originally Posted by paul1981 View Post
Another thing to consider is the quality of the opamps in Amiga models. I'm quite sure they would have been chosen on price and not audio quality! There's only top notch sound cards that will have decent opamps in.

With the LED filter off, there's no filter at all is there? That'll be why it doesn't sound as good as it could (16-bit 44KHz listening tests), well that and no oversampling.

This is not a big problem, more important is PCB routing and power quality.
Side to this you can easily replace older OPAMP in Amiga for something new like TLE2084 or similar.
And IMHO those OPAMP hype is a bit exaggerated - if you need HQ design then you need to go for discrete and higher voltage.

And Amiga have at least two filters - one that can't be switched of - call this filter reconstruction filter - it remove PWM from AUDxVOL.

Originally Posted by daxb View Post
I guess there is a big difference between processed samples from a given source and a recorded sample. You get better results when convert 16 to 8 bit or direct 8 bit calculation. There are some variables that can make 8 bit records sound bad (mostly noise added). But it depends on source quality. So I don`t see much sense in measure comparing because at the end you hear what you hear and that differs from person to person.

If you record the analog Amiga output that plays a 16 bit sample via 14 bit calibration. What do you think you can measure or what result will expected?
Noise is not bad - depend on noise level - it is useful as it allow to linearize quantizer (or rather it spread quantization errors in a more uniform and not correlated with signal way).
Not sure what to expect - THD+N between 60 and 70dB maybe better...

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