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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I'm afraid it won't fit very well. Later Atari maybe, but not ST. And not "as is".

Many ST programs (especially games) rely heavily on cpu timing and will break with fast cpu.
Old TOS (like 1.62) need 24-bit addressing limit.
The Amiga only uses autovector interrupts, so i doubt the cpu on the vampire knows how to handle mfp68901 ones.
Unlike Amiga, the ST chips can generate bus errors (especially in user mode) and these need to be handled - the vampire cpu probably doesn't catch them.

I'm not saying it can't work at all, just that it won't be as easy as it first looks.
Timing and 32bit clean addressing aren't a issue on the intended target Atari configurations (Which would then likely be EmuTOS + MiNT).

Ofcourse interrupts and trap handling i expect to break as well. but then again Gunnar keeps saying its 100% compatible so hey ;-)
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