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Releasing sound resources when paused etc.

Would it be possible to (have an option to) free/release sound resources when paused, with settings window open, or when sound is automatically disabled due to Disable sound checkboxes in Pri. & Extensions? Then reacquire when emulation continues etc.

One use case would be: sound using WASAPI EX, user pauses or presses F12, then goes to view a YouTube video in their web browser. Currently WinUAE keeps the audio hardware allocated so videos don't play; the Flash plugin shows an error message.

Workaround is to set WinUAE sound to disabled or non-exclusive and continue emulation (then maybe press F12 to stop WinUAE sound playing). Continuing emulation is needed for the new sound setting to take effect, since sound resources aren't freed immediately when the user clicks the "Disabled, but emulated" radio button for example.
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