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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Re-implement... for something identical or enhanced ?
Enhanced but at the same time full binary compatibility.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
That seems obvious. If we play some music which is f.e. at 1/8th of max peak, we drop from 16 to 13 bits - not really a big deal. However if we start with 8 bit, we end at 5. Not good.
8 bit can sound good, but only if it's fully used.
This is not entirely true... as i wrote before - 4 times oversampled 8 bit (i.e. 176.4kHz) can provide higher quality than SACD.
Even in case of Amiga 8 bit at 56kHz with proper dithering and noise shaping will be close or better than CD - issue is that in normal conditions Amiga CPu is not capable to properly process signal due overall low power (perhaps V500 can do such thing especially if some additional HW acceleration can be added to ISA).
There is large number of studies about perceived noise-shaping - most important paper from LIPSHITZ, VANDERKOOY, WANNAMAKER:

I provided some time ago SoX scripts to try 8 bit with noiseshaping at Amiga and this is still not optimal as it will not use Amiga 56kHz (most of NS filters is designed or for 44.1 or for 48kHz) overall results will be better than 14 bit mode at a half of data (no need to push 16 bit at 44kHz).

Suboptimal yet better than 14 bit (more than 86dB dynamic in most interesting area - at 45473Hz and DMA only).

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