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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Yes! C64! That was my actual first computer from Santa. I had a datacassette with JumpMan! Great times. (back when a joystick was a joystick)

When I left off with Amiga500 I was playing Hybris. (which by the way, when I put it in the floppy in WinUAE, the main title screen music didn't come on. I wonder why? That soundtrack was awesome!)
c64 with datasette was my very first computer too - sold it later to get some money for the a500 - I still enjoy playing old games, wizball, commando, wizzard of wor with c64 emulators

about hybris, just try on those old games Quickstart -> A500 -> kickstart 1.3 / 512kb or 1MB chip ram, without any fast ram.

I decided to run with a wb3.1 setup. My mhz went to 187! Boots faster too.
these are values i get when running emulation without JIT.
which cpu you have in your peecee?

Then while I was looking in my Amiga foler(s) (that I've accumulated over the years) I found an lha with HSMathLibs_040 on it. Not sure, I was about to unpack it when I ran into a new problem. The resources.library failed to load AmiDock. So now, I can't even unpack the lha.

So, I'm going to go with the 3.1 setup. I go to install Aladdin 4D again and I get can't open installer tool.
hsmathlibs are a good addon, but they wont boost the emulation as much as a working JIT will do.

not sure about the new failure of lha/resource.lib.

but if there is c:lha, you may still use lha from the shell/cli:
for example, you have the test.lha in ram: in the shell you type:

cd ram:
lha x test.lha

would extract the test lha, to ram:

i was rarely using 3.5 or 3.9 - i'm stuck with some 3.1 setup, using AmigaSys,
which comes with many addons, so it has the functionality of 3.9.
now a bit outdated but still ok, while there are other packages like that,
to boost a plain 3.1 system.
you could, if you want, try to make another config and install this AmigaSys thing, you just need to 3.1 or 3.0 install disk,
the installer of AmigaSys will ask you for them, while it does install.


Could this version of 3.9 I found (free) online be corrupt?

I visited Amiga Forever and saw 3.X versions. But I don't know which 3.X versions that refers to.
if the 3.9 installed without error, it should be fine.

these 3.x at Cloanto/AmigaForever refers to an updated rom ( upgraded 3.1),
which has removed the 4gb hdd limitation and some minor fixes, but noone really need 3.x from cloanto.

I'm about to check out your recommend links above. Thank you. Thank you.

What if I want to start with a 3.1 setup, upgrade to 3.5 and finally 3.9? Is that 3.X?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
as mentioned above, give this AmigaSys package a chance, it does support 3.9 aswell,
so it might be worth a look. i guess i was using this install package for winuae.
a similiar package is ClassicWb instead of AmigaSys.

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