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Yes! C64! That was my actual first computer from Santa. I had a datacassette with JumpMan! Great times. (back when a joystick was a joystick)

When I left off with Amiga500 I was playing Hybris. (which by the way, when I put it in the floppy in WinUAE, the main title screen music didn't come on. I wonder why? That soundtrack was awesome!)

I decided to run with a wb3.1 setup. My mhz went to 187! Boots faster too.

Then while I was looking in my Amiga foler(s) (that I've accumulated over the years) I found an lha with HSMathLibs_040 on it. Not sure, I was about to unpack it when I ran into a new problem. The resources.library failed to load AmiDock. So now, I can't even unpack the lha.

So, I'm going to go with the 3.1 setup. I go to install Aladdin 4D again and I get can't open installer tool.

Could this version of 3.9 I found (free) online be corrupt?

I visited Amiga Forever and saw 3.X versions. But I don't know which 3.X versions that refers to.

I'm about to check out your recommend links above. Thank you. Thank you.

What if I want to start with a 3.1 setup, upgrade to 3.5 and finally 3.9? Is that 3.X?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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