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i exchanged my first amiga (a500) for a c64 floppy drive, when i bought my second amiga (a1200) - i think the a500 was then used to get some spare parts from it

if you think about donation - for sure toni wilen. on there is a donate paypal button. that is the right person who deserves that

about Aladdin4D, maybe there is something wrong with version 5.1.
on the ftp you still can find version 5.0. maybe this one does work better for you.

the aros rom is as good as it's possible. but still in development and so not 100% compatible.
so it is adviced to use the standard 3.1 rom.

here is a good guide on how to install Amiga OS 4.1 classic on winuae.
since 3.9 is more or less the same comapred to 3.1 - with 4.1 you would get something new. so I would go the 4.1 way.
here a 4.1 install guide for FS-UAE - if you skip the emulator specific parts, it might be also of good help.

since 4.1 is focused on ppc architecture, which winuae now emulates too, it wont help that much with aladdin4d i guess.
must be something simple, we dont found out yet :/

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