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This program requires a math coprocessor


Ended up installing ImageFX3. (thought maybe it was going to add something or enable something to start Aladdin 4D) It actually asked to install for a 68040 processor! (even floating point 68040!) ImageFX3 works, Aladdin still not. (I didn't know Nova made ImageFX too)

Got a hurricane this past week, I made some extra money for a new computer battery I've been wanting.

Which Amiga companies deserve the money? Just based on my brief re entry into Amiga, the only person (besides yourself) I think should get a $30 check would be Toni Wilen. I bought my first pc in 1987 (A500WB1.3), then in college, my professor gave me his copy of DP4 with the latest WB version at the time. Then, around the mid 00's I ended up buying an actual Amigakit computer (A1200 oldstock I think). (OS 3.5 or 3.9, not sure) Then, for reasons beyond my control, I moved back from Hawaii and my Aunt may or may not have the computer today.

It's funny how reality works. I'm very particular on who should get the money. I legitimately own 3.5 and previous, but 3.9 and beyond need to be addressed for today. (And I think this is why I'm having trouble.)

Does WinUAE support Amiga os 4.1 (52.2)? Maybe I buy this os now? Maybe it makes Aladdin 4D work with 68040?

The Aros rom is twice the size of normal roms. It also provides mmu. But, Aladdin 4D still doesn't boot using Aros 68040 on WinUAE.

Who should get the money for 3.9? 4.1?

Thank you vey much! Brother Jzon
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