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Originally Posted by wXR View Post

I get that problem. By the way, the Sakura-IT guys are using SVN + GIT together somehow, they wrote about it in the Open Source thread I started elsewhere. This is probably something worth looking at.
As far as I know it is possible to access a Git repository via subversion, as well as access a subversion repository via Git. However, if one were to use GitHub or GitLab, you are not free to choose which SCM should be "underneath the hood": it has to be Git.

So, while keeping the AmigaOS source code in a subversion repository seems to be possible, while at the same time accessing it through Git, it does not seem to be a good match. Part of what empowers Git users is in the workflow it allows, and to me it seems that this comes up short with Git access to a subversion repository.

Also, are you aware of this project, MacRelix?

This is a UNIX environment for classic MacOS, including 68K. It includes a (partial, but working) port of git. Source is of course available, maybe we could look at this as a solution.
This is the first time I read about this project. It looks like a closed source project, though. The files which are available for download seem to be MacBinary archives (in a custom format), containing the MacRelix software. I did not find any references to the source code.

Where should I look?
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