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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
Yes, it was news to me, in the sense that they are using the code for something besides developing AmigaOS 4.x, which was the deal as I remember it, but that must have changed.
i dont think there is anything much that changed. this is simply olsens initiative to deliver some immediate fixes, and they thought, why not, if they can cash on it and have their logo and copyright displayed on genuine amigas out there, just for the sake of it.

now, if you hope for backporting os4 to amiga (68k) then id ask you, what in this respect is an advantage of a system that takes already 80mb to boot to workbench? even considering the ppc binaries are usually 1.5-2 times bigger, it would be still 40 mb. not to talk about speed, you could probably check how the current mui fork is working on an actual amiga.

in comparison aros68k needs 6 mb to boot to wanderer, and it *is* working on an amiga, as of current.
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