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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Nope, MIC input in PC is very bad idea:
- it is MIC input - very high gain means lot of noise,
- frequently is not linear but has non linear characteristic to deal with wide range of MIC signals (there is dynamic compressor there)
- it is MONO input
- it provide power supply for microphones as such it may have phantom voltage on pins - it should not kill Amiga but anyway will disturb quality.

You can use for audio measurement any LINE Input on PC - it should be quite OK. If you dob in Audio card quality you can use external player source (CD, DVD or decent portable player from reputable vendor with defined parameters).

There is dedicated software for this:
And other very similar - not a problem.

I will try to do objective part (but need to wait for V500 or revive my A3000).
Ahh, yes, good point. As I said, I could easily get the correct cable (may even have one here in one of the boxes of various cables) and could record directly from my A600. Shall I go looking for a suitable sound to playback on my Amiga, or does anyone have something suitable in mind?
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