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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
2. Remember our pirate roots, raise the middle finger high, and proceed with AmigaOS development based on the "leaked" 3.1 sources. This is a beautiful thing, but you will lose a significant number of potential developers in the mix, and you won't be able to do all the comfortable and nice things mentioned in my "GitHub User Story". Also remember that, in this case, certain people will continue paying to legitimize a proprietary approach.
I agree about the middle finger, but the thing is we don't really need any source code to improve Amiga software, there is a proud history of reverse engineering since the dawn of Amiga. In modern times, for example the amazing WHDLoad project adding up to thousands of hours in reverse engineering labor total, with a dedicated team developing installs for the games we love. Many of the game titles are improved upon as well, adding relevant features and compatibility, not just "made to work from hard drive".

The WinUAE emulator which so many other projects rely on, like Amiga Forever to mention one.

There are other great community projects also, like Hall of Light (HOL), which clearly is a labor of love, free for anyone to use, even if not related to reverse engineering in a programming sense, more like detective work.

I could go on mention many more...

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
3. Get an answer to the simple question, "Who actually owns AmigaOS?", And proceed, step-by-step, to liberate this motherfucker once and for all, enabling an environment where hundreds of developers can contribute their ideas to the hobby in an open, public manner that is immune to takedown requests and other tomfoolery.
The first place to contact would be Hyperion then, since they admit having the 3.1 source code in their announcement.
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