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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
If I buy Roadhow, will it display something like "This copy is registered to..."? I would be proud of it.
Thank you, I really appreciate this

However, my own laziness won out with regard to registration. The code to put the registration information into those parts of Roadshow which are found in the commercial version has to be written and tested. The distributor has to be able to use that code and build the distribution archive before it is sent to the customer.

That's a lot of work for a 25€ software package, and the reason why there is no registration pop-up to show that you paid for your copy of Roadshow.

Laziness aside, I rather spent that time on polishing the installation script, and writing the reference manual (which I'm reasonably certain more than 90% of the customers have never found the need to consult; the prose is also a bit dry, I'm afraid).

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